Yoga at Harbour House

Yoga is an ancient practice of breath awareness and body movement which helps realign and integrate mind and body, bringing a sense of inner joy and balance as well as physical refreshment and invigoration.

Choosing a class:
To gain maximum benefit from yoga, it is vital that you take care in choosing a class. Yoga is non-competitive; we all work at our own level and allow improvement to come when our bodies and minds are ready for it. It is not safe for people to push themselves to keep up with others.

At Harbour House we offer different types of yoga. Please call each tutor directly before coming along to a class for the first time. If you need help with choosing a class, please feel free to call the Harbour House office on 01548 854708.

Harbour House is the venue for a wide range of classes. Please note that in each case the teacher hires the room from us and takes care of his or her bookings with students. If in any doubt about whether a class is running, please refer to our What's On This Week web page, or contact the teacher.


Yoga Teachers


Elemental Yoga with Whitney Littlewood

Yoga with Sophie Darling
Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays

Hatha Yoga with Sarah Scott
Mondays, Tuesdays

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jules Turner
Tuesdays, Fridays

Toddler Yoga with Chloe Garland

Vinyasa Yoga with Carol Richards
Tuesdays, Fridays

Hatha Fusion Yoga with Lucie Minne

Dynamic and Creative Flow with Chloe Garland

Ashtanga Yoga with Stephen Harding

Yin/Yang Yoga Practices with Mindfulness with Martina Edmonds

Yoga for Pregnancy with Sarah Scott
Tuesday evenings

Friday Night Yoga with Ina Dittfurth or Sophie Darling

Open Level Hatha Yoga with Catherine Seymour

Well-Woman Yoga with Kathy Courage

Baby Yoga with Sarah Scott

Toddler Yoga with Sarah Scott
(no class atm)









Our Studios


Amrita Room

Tapas Room

Spanda Studio

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