Body Language 3

Life Drawing Group


2 - 7 August 2022

10 am - 5 pm

Admission free

Drawings and paintings by Derek Symons, Annabelle Gregory, Clare Pumfrey, John Weston, Sue Steele, Eleanor King, Linda Hill, Helen Kyle, Mark Grindon Welch, Lesley Meir, Serena Searight and Patricia Hitchens.

The Friday Life Drawing Group has reconvened after the disruption of lockdown and the artists are enjoying the return to the informal drop-in format. The enthusiasm for the challenge of drawing from life remains undiminished in this diverse group.

The models are many and various, and each week a different member of the group sets up the session, varying the number and length of poses from week to week.

The Body Language 3 exhibition gives the group the chance to demonstrate the diversity of its practice and to celebrate the success of this long running group at Harbour House. A range of work will be on show, from framed works to pieces presented less formally.

Life drawing at Harbour House