Insights iii

Sue Bown, Helena Clews, Linda Tudor


Tuesday 25 - Sunday 30 June 2019

10 am - 5 pm

Admission free

Opening View: Tuesday 25 June, 6 - 8 pm


Linda Tudor

Helena Clews

Sue Bown


Following two successful shows at Harbour House three artists, each inspired by their surroundings, bring together a new body of work in this vibrant exhibition.

Helena Clews describes her approach to painting in oils, pastels, watercolours and mixed media as ‘merging landscape with abstraction’, and her focus is on local areas of coastline. Her practice explores the possibilities of painting in the liminal space between abstraction and representation, with visual information such as colour and gestural mark making alluding to something that is difficult to define, or to identify clearly as a particular thing in the world, yet is still recognisable as an ‘abstract’ painting.

Linda Tudor is motivated by trying to capture panoramas, weather, landscapes, seascapes and sky. Looking out of her window she can see howling storms raging in from the sea, or sunrise, the moon on the river, sun glinting on the water. She tries to capture the fleeting moment, working rapidly in pastels and charcoal before it passes. In contrast she is also fascinated by the details she sees in seed heads, flowers and foliage collected on walks by the river. At these times Linda works slowly, painstakingly drawing and recording what she sees and later interpreting her sketches in other media.

Sue Bown has recently been exploring the relationship between painting and printmaking, and particularly the point where one practice transfers to another, forming a print and creating a hybrid of the two disciplines. Living beside the River Dart Sue notices movement and shapes of daily life on the river, a constantly moving landscape that reshapes itself as the tide and the occupants of the river carve their way through the water in endless motion. As soon as a shape is seen it is replaced by another in an ebb and flow of forms, colours and life. Sue creates her art in the same way, replicating and layering shapes and marks.