Left Bank Forum for Writers (and Aspiring Writers)

with Michael Elsmere


Saturday mornings:
18 April, 9 May, 13 June 2020
10 am - 1 pm
Amrita Room, on the first floor

No classes at this present time

Cost: £7 per session

During the 1920/30s the Left Bank in Paris became a mecca for writers such as Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald, Anais Nin, Jean Rhys, Ford Maddox Ford and Henry Miller. Here amidst the warren of streets with their numerous bars, cafes and cheap apartments they could discuss, drink, gossip, inspire each other and of course write.

Left Bank at Harbour House is an attempt to create, in part, this informal atmosphere and creative ferment! The three hour sessions on Saturday mornings will provide information, inspiration and the supportive company of other writers.

Left Bank is aimed at a range of writers from those with several pieces of work already completed to those who only have dreams of beginning. Sessions in part arise out of the current needs of the participants but might include news, sessions with established authors and critiques on work in progress.

There will be plenty of time given over to discussion, debate and question and answer sessions and there will always be a space in which to just write!

Your tutor for Left Bank is Michael Elsmere, an experienced teacher, author and editor who has taught English Language, Literature and Creative Writing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

His first novel ‘Rufus and the Biggest Diamond in the World’ was published by Libros International in 2009.

He has since written two further novels ‘When the Woods Went Walking,’ and ‘The White Dog of Gwydion' as well numerous short stories, ‘Flash’ and ‘Sudden’ fiction. He is the editor of the Left Bank short story anthology ‘Stories from Across the River,’ published in May 2012 and has facilitated the meetings of Left Bank since 2006.


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