Postnatal and Pregnancy Body Control Pilates

with Franny Morris



1 - 2 pm: Postnatal - bring your baby
2.15 - 3.15 pm: Pregnancy -bring your bump
Spanda Studio, on the ground floor

Starts 7 September 2017



Pregnancy is a completely natural process - it's what the female body was designed for! However, as this amazing transformation happens, your body needs support to be able to safely go through the various stages into labour, delivery and beyond. Body Control Pilates is an internationally renowned school of Pilates and its teachers form the largest professional Pilates organisation outside the USA. The rigour of training and ongoing learning mean you can be confident that this approach will safely support and enhance your pregnancy experience.

Improved breathing and relaxation techniques
Strength and posture to support your growing bump and for breast feeding
Core strengthening to safely support your pelvis and spine to reduce back and pelvic pain and help get you back to ‘normal'
Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor and release it!
Improved balance, co-ordination and body awareness so you can move better
Great opportunity to meet other mums and 'little friends’

Franny has 29 years of nursing experience and started practicing Body Control Pilates to help with chronic back pain from poor posture and the occupational impact of providing day to day care. She was so amazed by the change in her strength, flexibility, body awareness and confidence that she felt compelled to learn to teach others. She wasn’t aware of Pilates when she had her 3 pregnancies and believes that it would have helped immensely with meeting other mums-to-be and dealing with symptoms such as pelvic girdle pain and back ache especially during hours of breast feeding!

She wants to teach you safe Pilates, so none of her classes are 'drop in' and spaces are limited to a maximum of 8. This is so she can closely supervise your session and make adaptations to meet your specific needs in class. She uses verbal cues, demonstration and 'hands on' correction to help you achieve safe and effective movement.

You can join her class from 16 weeks of pregnancy or 6 weeks post delivery (12 weeks post Caesarean section) once you've had the clearance from your doctor or midwife. Babies are welcome to come to the Postnatal sessions. You can have your 'little one' lie by you so you can interact during the session or let him/her sleep so you can have the rare opportunity to focus on yourself.

Cost: £54 for 6 sessions to be used within the 7 week block

Please contact me to reserve your space
Booking required