Zhan Zhuang

with David Baisie

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First lesson is a free taster
Cost: £30 for 6 lessons

Stand Still To Get Fit!

Zhan Zhuang Fit.

This is an introduction to the ancient Chinese practice of Zhan Zhuang (pronounced Jhan Jhong).
Translated, Zhan Zhuang means stand like a tree or be as a tree.

What is Zhan Zhuang?
It is a Chinese practice, undertaken for over 4000 years
If you think about it, that was before the pyramids!
Zhan Zhuang is said to have formed the basis of Tai Chi, Qigong and other martial arts.
It works on the whole body both inside and out,
on muscles and the cardiovascular system, and calms the mind.
It dispells the most common notion of cardiovascular exercise necessitating vigorous movement -
as Zhan Zhuang will and can show you.

You do not need a noisy gym or equipment.
All you need is a fairly quiet space, inside or outdoors.

10 warm-up exercises
5 main stances
2 cool-down exercises

This course builds up muscle strength and body stamina.
Once the course is completed, the whole exercise should take no more than 45 minutes per day.

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